Weight: Adult male black bears weigh 130 to 660 pounds.Adult female black bears weigh 90 to 175 pounds. Learn how to avoid conflicts by making sure your property and neighborhood are not attracting black bears. Bears will visit birdfeeders, orchards, and beehives. A bear’s first response to something unusual is to leave. We encourage bear hunters to watch this video before hunting bears. They typically live in forests and are excellent tree climbers, but are also found in mountains and swamps. The female gives birth to 1-6 cubs (usually 2 or 3) in January, while she is deep asleep in her den. Businesses and campgrounds in bear country should invest in bear-proof dumpsters with a locking lid. Litter size ranges from one to five, but two is the average. Removal of food sources and other attractants is key to preventing problems with bears. Bears are omnivores, meaning they eat both vegetation and meat. The female will look after them until they are around 18 months old. American Black Bear (family Ursidae). Although birth dates of wild brown bears have not been measured, estimated birth dates of 149 litters of wild American black bears in Virginia ranged over a 39-day period 544 from 26 December to 4 February (Bridges et al. PROTECT BEES AND CHICKENS: Use electric fencing to safeguard hives and coops. Top-requested sites to log in to services provided by the state. If you live in an area with bears, it is best to not set out bird feeders. We examined the influence of body mass in early winter on litter size, growth and sex ratio of young, as well as the influence of gestation and lactation on overwinter loss of mass among female black bears (Ursus americanus) in La Mauricie National Park, Québec, Canada.All adult females weighing ≥77 kg gave birth and no female reproduced when weighing <56 kg. American Black Bear Gender Female Born 2001. Be an important part of the BPAS team by following us on Facebook and Instagram! Comment period extended for Platte Valley Migration Corridor Risk Assessment. Female home ranges are 3 to 40 square kilometers (1 to 15 square miles). Black bears mate between mid-June and mid-July. Clean greasy barbecues and grills after each use. Black bears play an important part in ecosystems due to their effects on fruits and insects. If you are experiencing problems with black bears or have questions, contact your nearest Masswildlife office. Sounds: Black bears make huffing, snorting, and jaw clapping sounds when nervous, angry, or distressed. If you continue to see bears, check your property and remove any potential food sources. Prior to 1952 black bears could be killed by anyone, at any time. This is similar to values reported in other field studies on black bears (Samson and Huot 1995) and polar bears (Atkinson and Ramsay 1995). Black bears have good eyesight and hearing. Ecological niche. bear icon - black bear stock illustrations. Currently, there are around 800,000 black bears in the wild today. In summer, they take advantage of ripening berries and can often be found in thick regenerating forest stands where berries are often found. American Black Bears or North American Black bears are the continent’s smallest and most widely spread species. Photo about A medium-sized bear native to North America. As their name indicates, these bears generally have shaggy black hair. Some males have been known to weigh up to 500 to 600 pounds (227 to 272 kg). This bear is native to North America and typically can be found in forested areas. Similar Images . Historically, black bears are thought to have stayed away from open habitat because of the risk of predation by brown bears. To say these girls will be missed is an understatement, they were an important part of our Zoo family and our community. While the home ranges of individual bears are usually exclusive from those of other bears of the same sex, male ho me ranges are larger and may overlap those of several females. The American black bear usually walks on all fours, but can stand on its hind legs to forage, climb, or to survey its surroundings. The male American black bear can weigh as much as 50% more than the female, and stand over 1m (3.3 ft.) tall at the shoulder. Regulations passed in 1952 made it illegal to kill black bears except during regulated hunting seasons with a hunting license.Due to this conservation effort, the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Wil… However, in May and June, the mating season occurs, and the female bear gains weight due to pregnancy. Some individuals have a small, white chest patch, called a blaze. Bears, mostly young males and some breeding females, are living in other eastern Massachusetts communities along Route 495. Sounds: Black bears make huffing, snorting, and jaw clapping sounds when nervous, angry, or distressed. Females measure from 130 to 190 centimeters (50 to 75 inches) and weigh 40 to 80 kilograms (90 to 175 pounds). Black bears live and breed in Worcester County, northern Middlesex County, and west to the Berkshires. Black bears are named the same as hogs—males are boars and females are sows, but babies are called cubs. American Black Bear - Name: American Black Bear, Scientific Name: Ursus americanus, Continent: North America, Mass: 240 lbs, Length: 4.5 ft., Diet: Omnivore, Status: Least Concern, TV Shows: Captain Planet Hero 108 Foster's Home for Imaganary Friends The Powerpuff Girls (1998)