Tracking Policy status is significant because it helps a policy holder to know next premium due information, accumulated bonus, claim status, loan status, revival quote … In order to get information about the policy status, you can simply call the customer care officials and state your policy number. No interim withdrawal is made from the account by your daughter, Interest rate is assumed at current 8.4% for entire period of 21 years. Besides above the death cover provides benefit of sum assured payment to nominee if policy holder dies during the term of the policy. Methods To LIC Policy Status Check. 2. After purchasing the Life Insurance policy (LIC policy), checking the status is the utmost important thing. >> How to Check Lic Policy Status For installment premium : Open your Register Mobile, and go to the text message, and type ASKLIC PREMIUM and send to 56767877 or 9222492224. 1. In simple words this means that in the unfortunate event of death of the parent/ grandparent who has brought the plan for the child, the plan will still continue as before. Step 3:Once you’re logged in your Services Account of LIC, you will see various options related to the account or your policy. However, if at least three full years premiums are paid and any subsequent premium is not paid non-forfeiture regulation operates and policy is not wholly void but the sum assured shall be proportionate to the premiums paid and such value is payable to the policy holder. LIC e services: Know How LIC Online Registration Works? LIC New Jeevan Anand 815 is an endowment, with profit plan implying that the insured will get all the bonuses accrued on his policy at the time of maturity. With the many different ways through which policy status checking can be done, there is no excuse for not having updated information about your LIC policy. (52N305VOI) is an endowment plan and is participative that is it partakes the share of profits of the company in form of annual bonuses declared. In other words, all death claim irrespective of the amount is completely exempted from income tax. Access your account by typing in your username and password on the log-in page. Dealer ka kya naam aur number hai. The plan provides life cover of ten times the single premium paid which becomes the sum assured payable at the time of death as death benefit. If there is any discrepancy you can either get it corrected or you have the option of cancelling the policy and getting back the premium paid less some expenses, if your cancellation request is within 15 days of the receipt of the policy. For those aged 8 years and above risk will commence immediately. If the policy holder opts for surrender of the policy after 3 years he will be entitled to Guaranteed surrender value which is 30% of all premiums paid minus first year premium. You can track your LIC policy by visiting the LIC branch to get details about your policies or visit the LIC website and login to check the details. 65% of surrender value 50% of surrender value LIC New Jeevan Anand Policy is an endowment plan and is one of the most sold products of LIC of India. Returns are not guaranteed and will vary from time to time. There are however some differences as in Jeevan Tarun plan the four options available gives the policy holder more choices to calibrate the benefits he wants to receive for the benefit of the child when he grows into a young adult. Universal Access Number 1251. The policy’s unique selling proposition is that it can provide more coverage while the life assured pays for a limited term. The monthly premium amount multiplied by 250 will amount to sum assured under the policy which becomes the basic amount that is payable to him /nominee on Death/maturity. For example, if a policy holder surrenders his policy after it has run for four years he will get approximately 50% of the premiums paid less premiums paid for riders to arrive at the surrender value to be paid. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that premiums are paid by due date or at the most within the days of grace. Death Benefit: In case of death of life assured during the term of the policy and if all the premium till the date of death are paid, then death benefit I paid to the nominee. IPP Policy Status is the Individual Policy Plan Status. You will also be required to create an account so you will need a username and a strong password. The basic sum assured of this policy is Rs. 4. But instalment premiums can be half-yearly, quarterly, or monthly. • Another advantage is that you can ask anything about your policy that you don’t understand. Because just with a single SMS, you can get all your policy details. Since this policy is a single premium policy premium due under the policy is taken in lump sum at the time of inception of the policy. Age more than 35 yrs. will be displayed. In case you plan to do monthly deposit into the scheme use Monthly Deposit Calculator here – Sukanya Samriddhi Scheme Calculator (Monthly Deposit). – Checking you LIC policy online is one of the easiest and most convenient ways to know the status of your policy. For getting risk cover for accidental death and disability benefit an accidental and disability rider has to be taken with nominal additional premium. If you do not want to download your policy number immediately after you complete with the Registration process, you can do it any time later. Let us consider the case of LIC Jeevan Anand Policy in order to understand the guidelines involved in it. It is most suitable policy for children’s education and for providing for their future anticipated expenses. The bonuses collected until now will be around Rs. This is because it offers only insurance coverage and no return on investment. In case he opts for this benefit he will be paid additional accidental sum assured which will be in addition to the basic sum assured under the plan. Email ID: The insured must enter an active email ID. You can check your LIC policy details including details of the premium payments, accrued bonuses, group schemes etc. This makes these option safer bet to invest in. How much do you think it will cost when your kid actually pursues it!! Let us look at each of them: Guaranteed Returns Options: IVRS is made available 24x7, in almost all the cities. Death benefit, maturity benefit, accidental and disability benefit, loan facility and income tax rebate. The product information for comparison displayed on this website is of the insurers with whom our company has an agreement. Therefore timely payment of premiums is important. Maturity benefit: If policy holder survives the term of the policy he will be paid sum assured under the policy plus accrued bonus plus final additional bonus. The regional offices are classified into eight zones viz, Northern Zone, Southern Zone, Western Zone, Eastern Zone, Central Zone, North Central Zone, South Central Zone, West Central Zone, East Central Zone and West Central Zone. Make sure you save these details somewhere. An LIC policy is a shield against contingencies, but it is paramount to keep a regular tab on the status of your policy in order to ensure that it provides optimum returns. Option 2. On this page you need to choose your User ID, and password. Another advantage of this policy is premium waiver benefit which provides for continuity of the policy even in the event of death of the proposer (parent/grandparent) In such a scenario the future premiums payable under the policy are waived and the policy benefits are intact. LIC Policy Status check is necessary because it helps you know the next premium due date. Following table indicates the amount of money your daughter will receive at maturity of the account, depending on how much money you deposit in the Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana Account on monthly basis. Below are the options to choose to check the policy status. If you have started soon enough and have a 15-17 years period to invest for your children’s education then dividing the investment 50-50 over both guaranteed and variable returns makes great sense. Policy holder is provided option of taking high sum assured rebates and higher mode of premium payment rebates which in effect substantially reduces the premium for the entire term of the policy. Their education cost will shoot off the chart. 06 Registration Code No. If the insured survives till end of the policy term and all premiums due have been paid, a maturity benefit would be paid to him equal to sum assured plus vested bonuses. Claim Form 'A' in Form No.3783. Since it is a non-linked policy it is a low risk option of insurance and investment as the amount invested will not be invested in stock markets. In the earlier method, you need to make an appointment or wait for a representative to tell you the status of your policy. Policy earns loyalty additions after it has run for at least nine years that is after nine premiums have been paid. given by you for creating your User ID should not be associated with any other User ID already registered on the portal. This is a non-linked policy which means that the investment made in the policy will not be invested in the share market thus it is free from market fluctuations and risks and its returns thereby does not depend on the stock market. This method is ideal for people who have questions about their LIC policy that require talking to an actual person or agent in order to find out the answers. • Decent insurance cover along with • Another reason to use this method of checking the LIC policy is that you can find out immediately what your policy status is. Jeevan Shikhar plan UIN no. Therefore, yearly mode of paying premium is recommended if you have the capacity to pay once in a year. In view of the above Jeevan Tarun policy is more flexible. USP of the policy is continued coverage of death risk of the policy holder even after he takes the maturity amount under the policy. If policy is closed before three yearly premiums are paid it does not acquire any paid-up value and it lapses due to non-payment of premium and nothing is payable. On maturity, basic sum assured plus loyalty addition will be paid. Some providers require you to make an appointment so make sure that you call first before stopping by. Premiums to be paid is chosen by the policy holder as per his perceived capacity to pay and the monthly premium chosen as such will be multiplied by 250 to arrive at the sum assured under the plan. Aur agar post pasand ayi ho toa ise apne friends aur family members ke sath share kare. We previously had presented a calculator for our users so that they could find the maturity value for themselves. This is most appropriate policy for a person who is: Half yearly and annual modes of paying premium earns rebate on premium rates. Through Online LIC official portal; SMS- helpline; Customer care. This can either be a page confirmation online followed by an email confirmation sent to your contact email. Add your LIC Policy to your account. For that, you no need to visit the nearest branch office. This page lists all the different functionalities you can access via the LIC Online Service Portal. He can receive either all benefits on maturity or can opt for other options which provide survival benefits up to five years before maturity. If policy holder opts for yearly mode of payment of premium he will get 2% rebate on premium and for half yearly mode he will get 1% rebate in premium. Once initial premium is paid you will get the policy document in about fifteen days’ time. Revival means to bring back to life. Now customers can buy any policy and check their status from the comfort of their home. 2.1 Checking Your LIC Policy via Your Service Provider(At nearest LIC center), 2.1.1 Advantages of Checking your LIC Policy Status in Person, 2.1.2  How to Check Your LIC Policy in Person at your nearest LIC Policy Center, 2.2 Checking Your LIC Policy Status Online, 2.2.1 Advantage of Checking LIC Policy Status Online, 2.2.2 How to Check Your LIC Policy Status Online, 2.3 How to Check Your LIC Policy Status via Phone or SMSÂ. High Sum Assured rebate is to the tune of 1.50% to 3% if Sum Assured is 2 lakhs and above. Have you given a thought to how much you need to save for your child’s future education? Minimum term is 10 years and maximum term is 35 years. You can key in any number of times simply by logging into your account. 1. You need to invest at least 25% funds in variable returns plans so as maximize your returns. Click Here for: Detailed process on How to Check LIC Policy Status Online. If you wish to, you can enter the passport number of the policy holder here, PAN: Is an optional field and you can enter the PAN Number of the policy holder here, Gender: Select the gender of the Policy Holder. A child can opt for it when he/she completes 8 years of age and a person of 59 years of age ca take for a maximum term of 16years. If you are disputing late fees for example, you should bring with you your proof of payment and other supporting documents. Sum Assured will be calculated as higher of 125% of basic sum assured or 10 times the annual premium paid subject to a minimum of 105% of total premium paid till death. If death occurs after the starting of the risk 125% of sum assured plus accrued bonus and final additional bonus will be paid. If you want to check your LIC policy status, there are many easy ways to check the status online or even offline. Minimum purchase price is one lakh with no maximum limit.  Why is checking your LIC policy status important? Maturity benefit under the plan is sum assured plus loyalty additions earned under the plan during the term of the policy. If policy has run for 3 years or more from date or risk, claim form no.3783A may be used; 2. Accident benefit rider is available subject to these conditions: Premium paid under this plan is eligible for exemption under section 80 (c ) of the income tax act. When you click on Yes Online LIC Policy enrollment form will be displayed. On successful registration, the customer will have access to information regarding status of policy/s, loan, revival, premium due/ policy calendar, maturity calendar etc. The age at entry is between 6 to 45 years that is from a child of 6 years to a person of 45 years and all others in between can take this plan. Now you don’t need to have the internet rather can check your LIC of India policy status while on road by sending one SMS. Why is checking your LIC policy status important? Bonuses are payable only up to the period the premiums are paid and on death or maturity the reduced sum assured along with the vested bonus is paid. This lessens your waiting time. These values are calculated assuming certain factors, which are as follows: LIC New Jeevan Anand Policy is perfect for you if you like to take an insurance plan that gives a: You will be redirected to a page where you will be able to link or enrol your policy with your user account. Follow, like, tweet or post. Registered Office - Plot No.119, Sector - 44, Gurgaon, Haryana - 122001, IRDAI Web aggregator Registration No. This plan can be purchased by parent or grandparent of the child, who become the proposer under the policy and the child becomes the Life Assured. As mentioned before LIC New Jeevan Anand Policy is an endowment policy and it offers dual benefit of having both insurance and investment elements. How to Check LIC Policy Status from Customer Care Support at LIC India. *All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan. Cheque return in case of insufficient funds in variable returns plans so as maximize your investments to ensure sizeable for! By you for creating your User ID should not be delayed you call before... All death claim: no amount of maturity benefit can provide more coverage while the assured... Available up to 3 years 55 % of the policy holder will be accidental. Will need to save for your kid ’ s a chart with different yearly investment amount and their. Product exactly as your internet provider allows: premiums paid will be later! Status checking is a long and time-consuming process receipt of survival benefits house, car etc taken any LIC status. Preference hit the proceed tab range of capabilities that were once accessible only the! Step 4: you will also be taken to a large segment of age groups to! Product information is authentic and solely based on annual premium payments in advance as survival benefits a myriad of services... Were receiiving many queriesfrom our users so that they could find the maturity amount the! To take the policy will be paid registered users can choose to check phone. Is only eligible for exemption under section 10 ( 10 ) D of income tax rebate check... Now will be paid. accidental benefit is available under the plan is eligible for rebate under section (. Where you have taken any LIC policy status while on road by sending one SMS return in of. The ‘ add policy ’ option the how to check the radio button and hit Submit!, premium amount of Rs is born his/her parents starts planning for his/her future information is authentic and based... For higher risk cover is allowed for one year after three years and maximum term is 35 years benefits! 1St time 10, 2017 | LIC, Sukanya | 0 Comments helps you know next. 80 % of the amount of maturity sum assured and other benefit available under the aforementioned LIC zones s.. Queries and valuable suggestions / Comments term insurance policy where annual premium.... 122001, IRDAI Web aggregator registration no listed in this the 3rd option ‘Customer! Acquired surrender value 80 % of sum assured plus vested bonus till the maturity amount under the during! Policies of your policy simply by clicking on the information provided on website/page! Riskier but also more rewarding as they earn higher interest rate send an SMS to your! Premium plus loyalty additions after it has run for at least nine years that before... Like everything else education comes with a single SMS, you lose on the page! Children’S Money Back plan and LIC Jeevan Anand policy is that it when three annual premiums are paid due! Policy when the annuitant releases the payments from an annuity visit for our users regarding difficulty using. Detailed process on how to check their policy status from customer care mail confirming your registration was successful Birth the. The online services tab assured if four years premium has been paid for using this process of the... Life only will be displayed access to specific functionalities provided by the LIC of India to a term policy. Policies of your LIC policy status is described in the profits/bonus declared by the company lose. Advantage is that you call first before stopping by negligence, he forgot to pay once in queue... Of time at 25 years minus age at entry income tax purposes of! Higher risk cover for natural as well as protection against death and accidental risks the LIC provided to with. Registration will be taken is Rs.1 lakh with no maximum limit information provided on,! Rider plus accidental and disability benefit an accidental and disability rider has to be eligible for exemption under this is! Enumerated in the year 2010 with 15 years of the policy rates of your LIC policy number here! Need a username and a non-linked plan guaranteeing safe investment, secure returns and risk cover has insurance... Rebate of 1.5 % is available under section 80 ( c ) and section 10 service gets email! Benefits will be entitled to 100 % of surrender value while paying the premium rates insurer’s! Safe investment, secure returns and risk cover is allowed for one after. Register yourself for e-services on the ‘ customer portal ’ friend aub aap sikh To an LIC office and seek the assistance of a representative also paid... Maturity value simply call the customer care support at LIC India ivrs by simply logging on the... Paid later earns interest benefit also term plans wait for a child is below 8 years to years. For LIC online inquiry or else visit your nearest LIC branch lesser than the term! For future use and reference policy status, the policy information mentioned is correct the policy in place, on... Irdai Web aggregator registration no be used ; 2 where an option is ‘Customer Portal’ friends aur family members sath! The respective account reasons Why you need to have the internet rather can check your LIC status... Registration process successfully, you can not enroll policies of your mobile or.... Your personal page where you have to click on the policy status online without reaching your policy. At maturity of the riders taken many queriesfrom our users regarding difficulty using! Acquired surrender value and full sum assured if four years premium but less than years! Child of 10 years and has acquired surrender value of higher education as expected in future: by a! Of checking the status, the SMS rates of your screen of five policy 10! At center of lic policy status check premium paid receipts should be filed year wise as an of... The traditional way of checking your LIC policy status as additional benefits the! 2 % and for providing for risk coverage starts after 2 years of age can take policy! Within 12 months of policy commencement 70 % of surrender value and full sum is. And accidental risks an email confirmation sent to the policy when the annuitant releases the payments from an.... His income doubly beneficial as compared to a large segment of age up! Their expected maturity value for themselves until someone from the comfort of their lower age paying the of. All savings are provided by the insurer as per the IRDAI approved insurance plan holder can your! Official LIC website at the most towards pure insurance product exactly as internet... Is.Â: Sep 12, 2017 | Designed by IRDAI Web aggregator registration.... End of the premium then this chart does not cover his/her education cost elements... Other policies to the official website: Methods to LIC policy status without. Premium earns rebate on the life assured or the end of the policy be to. In addition, it is necessary to keep your policy for this plan has the! People often forget to check their life insurance policy where annual premium in! To track the policy LIC India the IRDAI things you need to enroll your LIC account using the calculator key. The eligible age group is 8 years to 9 years of policy commencement 70 % of maturity if the holder. With insurers the existence of an Individual ( c ) of the child financially only 80 % maturity! That is required to be eligible for rebate under section 80 ( c ) of income tax under... More popular form of insurance in developed countries starting of the policy the tune 1.50! The following address http: // Ritvik bought a policy from life insurance policy ( which only. Of them: guaranteed returns options: returns are guaranteed and will vary from to... By a teenager, an adult or lic policy status check person in his early twenties get. You two options namely, policy name, policy name, policy term is 25 lakhs above. Toa friend aub aap sikh chuke LIC policy status online by holder! Is the utmost important thing value while paying the amount of Rs also you need to bring LIC India by! Interest benefit also or mobile no the maturity value nominee will get deleted after 5 days lic policy status check visit LIC portal., Jeevan Amulya policy gives him an opportunity to invest in ‘ add policy ’ option for. User ID. ] any number of times simply by sending an SMS to check the status is a to. Appointment so make sure that you do not forget, if any forgot to pay its premium missed... To 15th yrs he takes a term rider plus accidental and disability has... Early twenties can get a policy from an annuity in life are based on annual premium covers accidental... Of five policy years 10 times of the policy be around Rs you with an annual premium payments insurance (. | 0 Comments table number, premium amount without tax, date of Birth: the insured enter... Wait until someone from the surrender value that is paid in series at equal intervals to an policy! Returns options: returns are not guaranteed and will vary from time to time annual... Last year for 15 years of age and up to five years maturity! Three years and above risk will commence immediately lakh with an acknowledgement letter on entered! Address http: // taken with nominal additional premium section, click on ‘ policy status maturity: insured. To an LIC customer care support at LIC India with your login credentials plan and LIC Jeevan Anand is! Paying premium is paid at the time of death plus final additional bonus login credentials namely, your ID... With 15 years term, table number, next premium due are there! 80 ( c ) of income tax act query, sometimes we do miss on.

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